The David Pakman Show – ‘Rape-Provoking’ Miniskirts Now Against The Law In Swaziland (VIDEO)

David Pakman_Rape skirts in Swaziland

David Pakman discussed “rape-provoking” miniskirts

According to police in Africa’s last absolute monarchy, Swaziland has banned ‘rape-provoking’ mini-skirts and low-rise jeans, which they blame for the country’s rape problem, rather than men deciding to rape women.

Somewhat incredulously, David reads from a report on the issues:

“If you break that law, offenders will face 6 months jail terms if they colonial criminal dating back to 1889. The act of the rapist is made easy because it would be easy to remove the half-cloth worn by the women. It’s literally…it’s institutionalizing the blame of the victim.”

He then discusses the situation with a guest named Daryl, who, along with David, elucidates other absurd examples of the “blame the victim” argument.

See video for the full discussion:


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