Word Net Daily Claims That Obama Is A Super Mean Nazi And Wants To Eradicate The Jews

Author: January 6, 2013 8:51 pm
Picture of Barack Obama with Adolph Hitler's hair and mustache. Make up your mind, he can't be all four: With symbols for Islam, Communist, Nazi, and Peacenik.

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So you know how Dick Armey’s astroturfin’ Freedom Works (it’s about freedom like North Korea is about being a Democratic Republic) paid off the million moron army of teabaggers to display signs that equated President Obama to the murderer of six million Jews regarding Obama’s healthcare plans. Obviously you simply cannot  open up a 20th century history textbook without being bombarded with pages upon pages devoted to Hitler’s health care plan. Well, if you were unfortunate enough to stumble upon the latest conspiracy theorist claptrap from World Net Daily — a site that more closely resembles Alex Jones’ ramblings on a cocktail napkin than an actual news site — then you would think that Obama really is Das Führer.

World Net Daily‘s Pamela Gellar, who apparently exists to make Kim Kardashian look smart, recently penned an article in which she ominously warned that Jewish Americans will increasingly face persecution under President Obama. The pretend journalist went so far as to suggest that Obama may soon ethnically cleanse the Jewish population to created “Judenrein” areas. In case you didn’t know, Rick Santorum recently joined the uber-conservative birther website. So the site’s bent tends to follow the ever-so important vicissitudes  in gay marriage /bestiality analogies and Obama/Marxist ones. From her article at World Net Daily:

How long do Jews have in Obama’s America? How long before we can’t walk down the street with a kippah or a Star of David? This is already reality for Belgium Jews, Swedish Jews and French Jews. Large portions of Norway are already Judenrein.

So apparently the 70 percent of Jewish Americans who voted for President Obama over Mitt Romney are all major hipsters and wanted to be ironic in calling for their own demise … or maybe Gellar needs to lay off the turpentine-laced, PCP and Crystal meth-laden World Net Daily coffee.

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