Kansas GOP Chooses Rapists Over Women, Rejects ALL Exceptions In New Anti-Abortion Bill

Kansas National Organization For Women protest; @Facebook

Kansas National Organization For Women protest; @Facebook

Anti-abortion Republican lawmakers in Kansas have renewed their war against women. By an overwhelming margin, the GOP-dominated Kansas House pushed through several new abortion restrictions on top of the unconstitutional 22-week abortion ban that is already state law.

According to the Kansas City Star, the new restrictions will:

“…bar abortion providers from receiving tax breaks, prohibit public schools from using sex education materials or instructors affiliated with abortion providers, strengthen a law aimed at preventing doctors in training at the state medical school from performing abortions on state time, and spell out in greater detail what information a doctor would have to provide a patient before giving her an abortion.”

But that’s not all. HB 2253 also prevents women from claiming abortion procedure costs on their taxes, contains a personhood provision that would add language to the state Constitution giving legal rights to joined sperm and egg, and forces doctors to tell women that abortion could cause breast cancer. The bill even bans employees of abortion providers from bringing cupcakes to their kid’s school. All of these measures make the 70-page bill the most sweeping anti-abortion legislation in the nation.

Even more outrageous is that Kansas Republicans nearly unanimously rejected a Democratic amendment that would have provided exceptions for victims of rape and incest, including little girls who get pregnant through rape. It is tragic and sickening that Republicans want to force raped children to give birth to their rapist’s baby.

The House sent the bill to the Senate after a final vote of 92-31. The Senate intends to immediately take up the bill, where it will likely pass and then go to Governor Sam Brownback, who supports the restrictive legislation.

This isn’t the first time Kansas has passed outrageous anti-abortion measures. Republican lawmakers previously pushed through legislation forcing doctors to lie to women about abortion, which the GOP doubles down on in HB 2253. They also passed a bill that allows pharmacists to deny women contraception. No state in America has been more obsessed with ending a woman’s right to choose than Kansas.

Republicans in general have been obsessed with restricting abortion in 2013. The GOP has pushed anti-abortion legislation in states such as Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, and North Dakota, just to name a few. It appears Republicans are racing to see which state can claim to have the most extreme abortion laws in the country. If and when these new abortion measures pass, Kansas may be able to claim they are on top for now, meaning Kansas women could unfortunately claim to have the least reproductive rights.