Arkansas GOP Votes To Ax Sex Ed In State With Highest Teen Pregnancy Rate

Author: April 13, 2013 3:38 am

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With North Carolina totally becoming more and more like Tehran but with more Cracker Barrels and white people, it’s easy to forget that Arkansas too is hell-bent on the complete and utter destruction of reason and reproductive rights. If you’re looking for funding in these states, you better hold up a sign that reads “former fetus.”

The GOP-controlled Legislature in Arkansas, a state notorious for having the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the country, recently decided that it doesn’t have quite enough maternity prom dress stores by passing a bill that defunds Planned Parenthood and kills a comprehensive sex education program in the state’s public high schools. Is Bristol Palin running the show there?

Rep. Gary Stubblefield (R-Branch), introduced a bill with the explicit aim to block all state funds from going to any entity that provides abortions or refers patients to other abortion providers. Who needs jobs when there’s woman out there with free will? Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood doesn’t receive a dime from the state, the bill aims to ax all state-funded HIV and STI prevention programs in the state’s public schools, of which Planned Parenthood is the administer. Thus, giving poignant new meaning to ‘spilling the Arkansauce.’

But an Arkansas assistant football coach and health-ed instructor totally disagrees with the bill. Oh, and he’s also a Republican.

“I would challenge any legislator or politician in the state of Arkansas or higher to set foot in my classroom and listen to the curriculum and walk out and say it’s a bad program,” he told The Huffington Post in a phone interview.This program has been one of the most well-received programs that our students have ever been engaged in. I am a Republican, but this is one issue I feel very strongly about, because I see the benefit for our kids.” (Huff PO)

LOL, Planned Parenthood! You and your silly desire to ensure that the future adult population isn’t a diseased and emotional wreck.

The bill evidently passed the Senate by a vote of 19 to 11 and it now moves to a vote in the state House of Representatives where it’s sure to pass.

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  • Another generation, and they’ll be up to their ears in HIV+ unwed mothers whose kids are half starved to death.

    Just like their God intended. Apparently.

    If abstinence only education worked, we wouldn’t have sex ed.

  • Reminds me of one of the central themes of Marty Klein’s “America’s War on Sex.” To wit, “Those who war on sex depend on a simplistic hypothesis proven wrong repeatedly throughout history, that if you increase the possible dangers of sexual expression, people will stop having sex.” These conservatives/fundamentalists want there to be divine, devastating consequences for sex that they believe to be wrong, and they don’t want government, Planned Parenthood, or anybody else using heretical things like “science” or “medicine” or “information” to lessen or eliminate those consequences.

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