Jon Stewart Slams Peggy Noonan For Being A Hypocrite On Reagan Scandal (VIDEO)

Peggy Noonan; image@Salon

Peggy Noonan; image@Salon

For months, Republicans have been desperate to pin a scandal on President Obama. First, there was Benghazi, which the GOP claims is worse than Watergate. That supposed scandal fell apart when it was discovered it was Republicans who doctored White House emails in an attempt to show the President was hiding something. Then there was the alleged IRS scandal, which shouldn’t even be a scandal considering liberal groups were also under scrutiny, and the fact that the IRS was simply doing its job to make sure no political groups were getting tax exempt status. Republicans knew of the IRS scrutiny for a year and only now are they pursuing it. There were other ‘scandals’ as well but those were the big ones.

In their quest to bring down President Obama and tarnish his legacy, Republicans are claiming these ‘scandals’ are the worst in American history. One of those Republicans is Peggy Noonan, a Wall Street Journal columnist and former speech writer for President Reagan. She appeared on “Meet The Press” on May 19th and told David Gregory she has never seen scandals so bad in her life. This prompted “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart to mock Noonan and bring attention to the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan Administration of which she was a part.

“Now think hard, Peggy Noonan,” Stewart began. “Never in your lifetime have you seen a scandal this bad? What if a President secretly sold weapons to Iran in return for American hostages and then used the proceeds to illegally fund a bunch of coked up right-wing jungle rapists in Nicaragua? Ring a bell? Here’s a hint. You worked in his White House as a high-profile speech writer.”

Stewart played video of Noonan calling Iran-Contra a “mistake” and “bad luck.” Then Stewart returned to the “Meet The Press” video. Noonan told host David Gregory that Obama is President and therefore responsible. That’s when Stewart revealed Noonan’s hypocrisy. In her “fan fiction” book about Reagan, Noonan blamed the officials around Reagan instead of the President himself.

“The only thing he was guilty of was trusting too much,” Stewart mockingly responded. “And selling embargoed arms to Iran for the release of hostages and funneling the money to coked out jungle rapists in Nicaragua.”

Here’s the video:

The hypocrisy of Noonan is outrageous. Apparently when a black Democrat is president, the buck stops with him. But when a conservative white guy is president, it’s perfectly fine to blame others in order to shield him from any wrongdoing. Luckily, we have people like Jon Stewart who pay attention and are more than happy to highlight this conservative hypocrisy.