Watch Sen. Bernie Sanders Demolish GOP Global Warming Deniers In 5 Minutes

bernie sanders

If you already love Sen. Bernie Sanders you are sure to love him more after you watch this clip!

During a Senate environment committee hearing¬†on Thursday¬†(held during a record-breaking heatwave in the Northeast, no less,) Republican senators once again contradicted or ignored the near-unanimous consensus among scientists that global warming is real, man-made, and spells dire consequences for America’s national security and environment.

But if they thought that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was going to sit quietly and let their dangerous demagoguery go unchallenged, they had another thing coming. In his response, Sanders went on the offensive, embarking on a must-see point-by-point takedown of GOP arguments against legislation to tackle the warming global climate.

“Within this little room, we are clearly living in two separate planets,” he quipped, before comparing their anti-science delusions to the fantastical realm of Alice in Wonderland. “Whether the differences,” he continued, “are influenced by the fact that the Koch brothers, Exxon Mobil, the petroleum industry and the fossil fuel industry is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into think tanks trying to confuse the American people or we’re just dealing with politics here, I really don’t know.”

Sen. Sanders went on to list the catastrophic costs that a warming planet will exact on our national security, economic growth, and environment. “Coal and oil are not ‘cheap energy’ if they are causing catastrophic damage to this planet,” he said.

“The time for waiting is over.” he concluded. “We need bold action. The United States needs to do what we do best: lead the world in a new direction.”

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