New Level Of Sick; Right Wing Nut Job Photo-Shops President’s Hand In His Daughter’s Pants

Photo-shopped picture falsely portrays Obama as child molester.

A right-wing sicko posts a photo-shopped picture that looks like Obama’s molesting his daughter, and it goes viral. Is there nothing these people won’t do? From the Libtards facebook page.

Right wing degenerates are circulating a badly photo-shopped picture of President Obama with his daughter, Sasha. Even if nothing up until now did, this photo suggests that there is no level to which right wing hatemongers will not stoop, in order to to smear the president.

 The photo-shopped picture supposedly shows the president molesting his daughter, Sasha.

A right wing fanatic who goes by the name of Dixon Diaz, claims to have taken a photo of the president with his hand down the front of his daughter Sasha’s pants. Diaz is circulating photo-shopped picture on facebook, twitter and other social media sites, claiming that it is real.

In spite of a slew of complaints in regards to the photo-shopped picture, including many from his own followers, Diaz continues to defend the image as “not faked.” In an effort to show his fellow right wing fanatics that the picture is “not faked” Diaz posted these two images side by side. On the left is the photo-shopped picture that Diaz claims to have taken, on the right is actual photo.

 It’s not hard to tell the picture is a fake.

Even a casual glance at the two images, shown side by side, makes it easy to tell that Diaz’s photo is a fake. While I hate to even bother wasting time on debunking this absurdity, Diaz claims that the second photo was taken just “seconds before or after” the original. If that were true, then Sasha Obama is growing at a rate faster than any child in history. Her one arm alone would have gained several inches, in a matter of seconds. Her legs (from waist to knees at the bottom of the photo-shopped picture) appear to have grown even longer, even faster.

Diaz tries to explain the difference in Sasha’s height by suggesting that “maybe she went down a step.” The only problem is that if you measure Sasha’s legs, arms and midsection, these areas completely change in proportion, from one image to the next. President Obama’s arm also becomes miraculously longer in Diaz’s photo-shopped picture. So does his tie… The easiest way to tell that the image has been doctored, without even measuring the key points, is just to note how much the photo-shopped picture blurs in certain areas, especially around Sasha.

 Not even Diaz’s followers believe the photo-shopped picture is real.

Not even the cultist followers of Diaz’s “Libtards” blog and facebook page took this photo-shopped picture for anything but a fake. That leaves me to wonder why he still has followers at all. He says that he took this photo himself, yet he makes no claims as to where or when it was taken. Then there’s the fact that the image shows Sasha as a girl much younger than she is today. Yet, there’s no explanation as to why Diaz is just now posting the image online, apparently years after it was taken. Since even Diaz’s supporters have called this photo-shopped picture out as a fake, it seems like they would catch on to the fact that Diaz is nothing but a scam artist. Why keep reading his blog and following his page, once you know that?

 It’s hard to imagine how the right wing can stoop any lower than this.

Is this photo-shopped picture a whole new low for right wing fanatics? They’ve accused the president of everything from being a terrorist to having a gay lover. They’ve plastered racist photos calling for the assassination of the president on social media outlets and have created an entire film festival of lower than low videos for youtube. After the past 5 years of hate-mongering, there are very few “new lows” left for them to stoop to. Yet, by photo-shopping a picture of the president with his hand down his daughter’s pants, they found one.

It seems hard to imagine how the right wing could stoop any lower than this photo-shopped picture of President Obama and Sasha. Maybe they’ve actually made it all the way down to the bottom wrung this time, leaving themselves nowhere to go from here, but up. I doubt it. But we can always hope.