Bryan Fischer: God Won’t Let Sea Levels Flood Earth Because Rainbows (VIDEO)

Image via Wikimedia

Image via Wikimedia

Science says sea-level rise is a threat that human beings need to take seriously before it’s too late. But conservative “Christians” deny that there is even a problem at all, going so far as to ban coastal areas from even preparing for a rise of a few feet.

Why are sea-levels rising? It’s because of climate change, which has been linked time and time again to human activities such as pollution. Temperatures are rising all around the globe, which is why the ice caps and glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. Less ice means more water and more water means higher sea-levels that threaten to place thousands of miles of coastline underwater.

However, AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer says we shouldn’t worry about sea-level rise because rainbows remind God not to flood the planet.

People have been out there ringing their hands and trying to stir up all this agitation and fear because the oceans are going to rise, Manhattan is going to be under twenty feet of water, Hawaii is going to disappear under the waves. God says ‘look, I am not going to destroy the earth with the waters of a flood ever again. Every time you see a rainbow in the sky, that’s what it is all about.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch.

Fischer is referring to Genesis 9, in which God promises Noah and his family that he won’t flood Earth again. Rainbows are supposedly a reminder to God not to break that promise.

However, while God may not flood the Earth, it doesn’t mean human beings can’t do that themselves, which is the case. The fact is, sea-level rise is a major threat to every person who lives along the shore, and rainbows are just a reflection or refraction of light in water droplets. It’s science, just like sea-level rise.

This impending disaster is happening. It may not be a quick disaster like an earthquake, a tornado, or a hurricane that we can easily notice, but it’s a disaster nonetheless. And it’s one that we can and should prepare to meet head on instead of sticking our heads in the sand only to drown because God didn’t actually come to the rescue like a 2,000 year old book of fables and a fool like Bryan Fischer claim will happen.