Michele Bachmann: Phyllis Schlafly Is A Feminist Role Model Because She Ended The Cold War (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann, a member of the Committee on Intelligence in the Republican-controlled House, actually thinks women’s rights opponent Phyllis Schlafly ended the Cold War.

In an interview with conservative site World Net Daily flagged by Right Wing Watch, the Tea Party rep said that all girls should “emulate” Phyllis Schlafly because she’s “everything feminists wish they were” including “personally brilliant, physically gorgeous, and extremely articulate…” Oh, and she’s responsible for ending the Cold War with Russia too.

In Bachmann’s small mind, without Schlafly, there wouldn’t be a “pro-family” movement. And without that, there wouldn’t be a President Reagan to confront the Soviets. Never mind the fact that the arms race and regional conflicts combined with the policies of several presidents before Reagan, weakened the Soviet Union economically to the point of collapse. Also, George Herbert Walker Bush was president when that happened in 1991. And Mikhail Gorbachev had a lot to do with the Soviet Union dissolving as well, considering he’s the one who initiated social policies that increased Russian freedom, resigned, declared his office extinct, and handed over power to Boris Yeltsin. In fact, Gorbachev is considered the central figure who ended the Cold War. In no source on how the Cold War ended will you find a mention of Phyllis Schlafly.

Yet, Bachmann hailed Schlafly as the true hero who single-handedly beat Russia with “family values.”

I believe that Phyllis Schlafly is the most consequential female woman in public policy in the last fifty years of the 20th Century. Had there not been a Phyllis Schlafly, I believe that we wouldn’t have seen a rise of the pro-family movement. Had there not been a rise of the pro-family movement, I don’t believe that there would have been a Ronald Reagan. Without a President Ronald Reagan, I don’t think we would have seen the ability to defeat the evil, and yes that’s what it was, Soviet empire and to bring a conclusion to the Cold War. Just as Ronald Reagan was consequential, Phyllis Schlafly was extremely consequential because she was a tee to tee up this president that we had.

Here’s the video, via Right Wing Watch:

To recap, Bachmann says Phyllis Schlafly, the woman who has opposed equality for women for decades and says women should be confined to the home and should submit to men, is a true feminist who girls should follow as a role model because she allegedly brought down the Soviet Union.

If that’s not bad enough, Bachmann also wants a complete re-write of history to accommodate her delusion. “If the true story of America’s greatness is written, there will be more than a chapter written on Phyllis Schlafly,” Bachmann said.

As usual, the crazy is strong with this one. And thankfully, she is retiring from Congress.