Fierce Teenage Warrior Rumored Dead By Her Own Bullet To Avoid Capture and Rape By ISIS

Meet Ceylan Ozalp, a 19-year-old girl and fierce Syrian Kurdish warrior desperately fighting off the encroachments of the much-hated and dreaded ISIS. She’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she’s the ideal face for promoting our not-war in the Middle East.

There’s just one problem. Ozalp may be dead.

In a September interview with the BBC, Ozalp (who had given her name as “Diren”) boldly exclaimed:

Women are the bravest fighters. We’re not scared of anything. We’ll fight to the last. We’d rather blow ourselves up than be captured by IS [Islamic State].

Ozalp is one of many women fighters, some of whom are teenagers like herself.  They’re part of the Syrian Kurdish “People’s Protection Units,” also known as “YPG,” who skirmish with ISIS on a daily basis. BBC reports:

The YPG is an offshoot of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Turkish-Kurdish guerrilla group labelled a terrorist organisation by the US and the EU.

According to Ozalp, the mere sight of “haram” (forbidden) women unnerves those repressed, misogynist ISIS patriarchs and sends them fleeing for the hills:

When they see a woman with a gun, they’re so afraid they begin to shake. They portray themselves as tough guys to the world. But when they see us with our guns they run away. They see a woman as just a small thing. But one of our women is worth a hundred of their men.

Alas, the International Business Times reports that Ozalp is rumored to have committed suicide rather than let herself fall into the hands of “the rapists” from ISIS.

 Ceylan Ozalp found herself surrounded by Islamic State forces near the northern Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani, where a key battle is raging against the Sunni Islamists’ threat.

With a lack of ammunition and in a hopeless situation, Ozalp said goodbye over the radio “and killed herself with the last bullet so that she doesn’t fall into the hands of the rapists.”

Various Turkish media sources claim Ozalp killed herself, yet other sources claim Ozalp never left Jezal in Northern Syria, a region still controlled by her fellow non-ISIS Sunni Kurds.

Watch the BBC interview with Ozalp.

Featured photo: Video screen grab/BBC.