New England Patriots Thank Racist Fan For Becoming Their 1 Millionth Twitter Follower (FAIL)

The New England Patriots just became the first NFL team to collect 1 million Twitter followers. Alas, a racist fan turned their celebration into one of the worst social media fails ever.

Talking Points Memo reports it all started when The New England Patriots launched their #1MillionPatriots campaign with an offer: “custom digital Pats jerseys – RT for yours!” In other words, when fans retweet the post below, they receive a photo with their Twitter handles on the team jersey in reply.

New England Patriots @Patriots We're saying thanks to @patriots' 1million followers w/ custom digital Pats jerseys - RT for yours! #1MillionPatriots
Unfortunately, the New England Patriots tried to cut corners with an automated system — which allowed some racist [email protected] with THIS Twitter handle to get posted. We’re amazed Twitter even allowed a handle like “@IHateN*ggerss,” but the Internet is often a nasty, filthy, hateful place.

@IHATEN*GGERSS Thanks for helping us become the first NFL team with 1 million followers! #1MillionPatriots

The New England Patriots then followed up with a lame not-apology, which blames technology instead of their stingy decision to not hire people to actually look at stuff before it gets tweeted. At least one person in their social media team must have warned that something like this could happen. Maybe next time, they’ll listen.

New England Patriots @Patriots We apologize for the regrettable tweet that went out from our account. Our filtering system failed & we will be more vigilant in the future.

REALLY? Um… Yeah… Go Pats. Naturally, the Twitterati had a field day. Here are some of their responses to the New England Patriots’ social media meltdown.

@Patriots Twitter Thank You Includes N-Word, Jersey Mockup. Welp? …


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