Misogyny 101: Woman’s Day Tells Women To Wash Our Privates If We Want That Raise

Listen up, Ladies. Woman’s Day magazine and Summer’s Eve have a message for us. They want to tell us how to get that raise or promotion over the man in the next cubicle. The message is simple: make sure your vagina is fresh by using Summer’s Eve feminine products. Never mind your credentials or work ethic or any of that. Just make sure that vagina smells like a rose garden, and you’re all set. Where did I get the idea that this is how these people feel, you might ask? Well, the magazine ran a full page advertisement for Summer’s Eve with a list of ways to get a raise at work. At the top of the list in the number one spot was to use Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths and douche.

Image Credit: Daily Kos via Woman's Day

Image Credit: Daily Kos via Woman’s Day

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the misogyny didn’t stop there. This list included other misogynist ideas such as:

Be quiet. 

Of course, this is disguised as a way for us to make sure our “points resonate.” What they are really saying though is the same thing women have been told time and time again: shut up. Let the men talk and handle this. Don’t worry your pretty little head.

Don’t Get Personal.

After all, it’s okay for the dudebros to share their locker room humor and other exploits at work, but not you! Not that any professional would talk about that stuff at work anyway, but they want to make sure that we, as women, especially toe the line. Yeah. It’s okay to make sure your panties smell just right, but we don’t want to get too personal.

The only reasonable item on this list falls dead last, when it advises us to focus on our worth to the company we work for. That is all that should matter here when being considered for a raise, promotion, or other award at work. Nothing else, and certainly not the way our vaginas smell.

Woman’s Day and Summer’s Eve, you should be ashamed of yourselves. This list is not only unhelpful, but it is misogynistic and downright disgraceful. This looks like something that would have been printed in the 1950’s. We, as women, have worked — and are still working — very hard to overcome workplace sexism. You  aren’t helping by promoting this outrageous list of misogynistic “helpful tips.” Never mind the fact that these products are not necessary for a woman to keep good personal hygiene. If a woman wants to use them, by all means, but they are hardly necessary. If there is a problem, a gynecologist can take care of it, not a packet of wipes, and certainly not shoving a nozzle-like device up there and squirting chemicals inside.

We as women and girls have always been told that our bodies are dirty and inferior to men, and that we should be ashamed about natural processes such as menstruation. Woman’s Day is supposed to be a magazine that empowers women. Printing this disgraceful advertisement simply takes us back more than half a century to a time when we were lucky to ever get a job and when our bodies were supposed to be a source of shame rather than pride. Shame on you, Woman’s Day, for running this. Apologize to women everywhere for this gross error in judgement.

If you wish to contact Woman’s Day in protest of this ad, please email them at  [email protected] You can also call them at (212) 767-6000.

I won’t bother with the Summer’s Eve contact information. After all, misogyny is how they make their living.

H/T: Daily Kos