Republicans Censor Presidential Speech – Edit State Of The Union Address To Hide Their Guilt (VIDEO)

The State of the Union address is one of the most important ceremonies a president must perform. It is set out in our Constitution, and as such it must be recorded in its entirety for posterity’s sake. So, it was a shock when the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, posted a copy of the video, nominally to include the opposition party’s rebuttals to the programs outlined within, and it was missing several key segments of the speech. Almost as if someone were trying to hide something.

Here is the original SOTU address:

Here is the GOP’s posted copy:

Segments removed included ridiculing politicians who argue against addressing pollution and climate change, and on torture. Almost as if someone in Speaker Boehner’s office had something to hide.

This is now another incident where someone on Capitol Hill tried to¬†hide the CIA’s torture program from public scrutiny. But now the elimination of the criticism of the GOP’s oft stated “I’m not a scientist” line, one which became popularly shared through social media, that is just plain stupid.

What Boehner hoped to accomplish with this edit is unknown. It is quite possible he was unaware, and it was some clerk or other party official who made the call, but he is the one who put the video on his feed. It is ultimately his responsibility for the deception.

The GOP, and all conservatives in general, seem to have a problem with admitting failure. If it is discovered that the US engaged in hostile acts, the other nation deserved it. If it is revealed that we tortured, the victims are less than human and deserved it. The editing of a video to hide criticisms, to hide the failure of leadership within the GOP, is par for the course.

Attempting to edit a video to hide an unwanted truth is what the US accused other nations of doing for years. That the GOP would turn to a tactic criticized as one of the “Evil Empire” only should tell us how out of touch they are. They cannot admit any wrong, so they commit a worse offense to hide it. Or worse, use it as an opportunity to push propaganda.

And that should tell us more about the state of our union than anything else.