Horrifying Apple Dump In Washington State Creates Human Health Hazard (VIDEOS)

Millions and millions of rotting apples, dumped by the state’s agriculture industry, are now creating serious problems for Washington residents and business owners.

It’s not just the smell of rotting fruit, which residents say permeates the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Homes and businesses are also battling a massive fruit fly invasion, which now plagues houses, stores and restaurants, not to mention local farm markets.

Fruit flies are more than just a bother. The insects can spread bacteria and disease, as they move from the mounds of rotting fruit to kitchen counters, food service areas, and buffet lines.

A resident of Pateros captured videos of a massive apple dump, in Okanogan County. Here’s video, courtesy of KING News.

Watch KING 5 News coverage of the apple dump, and how it is impacting local communities across the state.

The historic apple dump in Washington is disturbing on so many levels. More than $165 billion worth of food goes to waste in the United States every single year. Even as 45 million U.S. citizens struggle with hunger and food insecurity, this year it seems that Washington apple growers are trying to set a new record on the amount of food they can waste.

When the problem of food waste becomes so severe, and so obvious, that it begins to endanger our health and well-being, isn’t it time for all of us to step up and say ‘no more’?

Earlier this week Addicting Info reported that France just passed a law prohibiting grocery stores from throwing away food. That legislation means that instead of putting millions of pounds of edible products into dumpsters, then pouring bleach over that food to render it inedible by potential ‘dumpster divers’, stores are now forced to donate unsold products to help feed the hungry.

Meanwhile, here in the US, 40 percent of all food is wasted somewhere between the farm and the table.

Over there in Washington state, where the fruit of the free market is not smelling so sweet, growers are dumping millions and millions of apples, thanks to a record growing season. There was a time where an overabundant harvest meant sharing the excess with your community. Thanks to republican economics, however, today it means getting rid of the excess by any means possible. God forbid too much food should drive down prices or cut into sales.

Who cares if all those apples could have helped to feed a lot of hungry children? Giving away food cuts into industry profits. Dumping it by the truckload in someone else’s backyard only hurts other people. That’s how we do it here in the good old USA.

Aside from the record harvest, growers are blaming the dump on a ‘labor disagreement’ which lasted for two months, over the winter. When you understand the plight of the state’s migrant workers, brought to the U.S. by the state’s major growers, forced to labor from sunrise to sunset, living in rat and cockroach infested squalor, unable to afford even the most basic necessities, you get a clear picture of what the U.S. agriculture industry is about. We’re not talking about small, local farms here. These are major industries that exploit hundreds and hundreds of migrant workers, while bringing in millions of dollars in profits. The Washington apple dump is nothing, if not the rotting fruit of greed.

It’s time for a change. State and federal lawmakers seriously need to address the problem of food waste in America, before it buries us.

*Featured image credit: KING 5 News