Pro-Rand Paul SuperPAC Envisions Fire-Breathing Bald Eagles, WWE SmackDown Of Obama (VIDEO)

In what can only be seen as bizarre and trying desperately to appeal to the faux-libertarian base of young men aged 18-25, a pro-Rand Paul SuperPAC just came out with a commercial showing a bare-chested Rand Paul smack down President Obama over the NSA.

The SuperPAC “America’s Liberty PAC” (because of course that’s what they’re called) just released a commercial showing Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) go head to head with the president.

Rand Paul, of course, is trying to appeal to this base through his make-believe filibusters and hours-long spiels that are nothing more than attention-seeking devices to promote his latest book.

These pretend libertarians are eating Paul’s nonsense up like a Thanksgiving dinner. They actually believe that Paul is out for their best interest, and actually took the time to create this really, really strange commercial. It’s so strange, in fact, that it is mildly entertaining.

The video features fire-breathing bald eagles, a bare-chested Rand Paul in front of a waving American flag (Yeah, freedom and junk!), and EXPLOSIONS, lots and lots of EXPLOSIONS! It then goes on to make people believe that President Obama is the person who personally set up the NSA and reads our emails late at night while sipping on blood from baby black rhinos (okay, I made that last part up). Paul is then made to look like he’s going to perform a WWE-style SmackDown on the Commander-in-Chief. Umm.. no.

fire breathing eagle


They also go on to make fun of Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham, because hey, why not? They’re 18-25 boys, they love that sort of shit.



Then they blow up the United States Capitol… you know, for shits and giggles.


Let’s just pause and reflect on that imagery right there.  I mean, seriously? WTF? That’s messed up.

The desperation that seems to be seeping from the Paul campaign isn’t just weird, it’s f*cking embarassing. Dude, pull it together. (I had to speak their language, forgive me.)

Here’s the ad in full:

Video/Featured image via YouTube