Creepy Perverts Ask Feminist Writer For Nude Pictures; How She Humiliates Them Is Brilliant (IMAGES)

Women the world over are used to society not thinking our bodies are our own. We are used to people shaming us for how many partners we’ve had, for wanting to control our own reproductive health, for having bodies that don’t look like that of cover models, and of course, if you have ever, even once in your life, taken a photo where you were anything other than fully clothed, you deserve to pay for that particular indiscretion by having said photos plastered online for all to see, preserved in digital history, consent be damned.

Well, one feminist writer, Clementine Ford, has had enough. Misogynist Australian rag Sunrise wrote a disgusting Facebook post blaming and shaming women who have been digitally raped by having their nudes posted online without their consent, with the caption, “When Will Women Learn?” Ford’s response was nothing short of brilliant, and absolutely true:

“When will women learn? Learn what? That our bodies do not belong to us? That we have no right to determine who sees those bodies, touches those bodies, fucks those bodies, and shares in those bodies? Honey, we don’t need to learn that. We already know the answer. We don’t have those rights. We are not allowed to be the masters of ourselves, only the gatekeepers.”

She’s right, of course. As women in a society that constantly polices our bodies, we already know all of that and then some. We know how far we have come, but we also know how far there still is to go, especially when it comes to our bodily autonomy. Spreading photos online without someone’s consent should be considered a sex crime. It is a definite violation.

Of course, anyone with any sense knows that something like that is, at the very least, vindictive, and quite possibly criminal (or at least it should be). Well, the response to Clementine Ford’s viral post from disgusting internet misogynists was — you guessed it — to ask for nude photos. They seemed to be serious as well. Well, her response to them was an even bigger stroke of brilliance than the original post calling Sunrise out: She published their names and the photos they sent to her. Here are just a few of them:


clementine 2


clementine 3

clementine 4


All of the names and messages — and Ms. Ford intends to continue posting them as they come in — can be seen here, on her Facebook page.

Oh, and if you’re one of those folks who thinks that the victims of digital rape are getting what is coming to them, Clementine Ford has a message for Sunrise, and for you:

clementine 5

Thanks, Clementine, for standing up for women everywhere. I wholeheartedly agree with your message. Apparently, the now-viral post has had some impact, because Sunrise has removed the Facebook post that started it all, and Yahoo7 has issued the following apologetic statement:

“We apologise unreservedly to anyone offended by a post that was made on the Sunrise Facebook page regarding nude photos and online security yesterday, and in particular to the victims. Whilst it was not our intention we appreciate that the wording of the post was insensitive. The post has been removed.”

Hopefully, women like Clementine Ford standing up and speaking out will mean that the rape culture of victim-blaming shifts into something more respectable and reasonable. Until then, let’s keep fighting, my sisters. We have a long way to go.