Defund Planned Parenthood? Here’s What Would ACTUALLY Be Taken Away (IMAGE)

Currently, there is an outright war that has been waged on women and reproductive health in this nation. It has been waged by people who reject science and don’t understand the necessity of accessible and affordable healthcare, not just for women, but for entire communities. It has been waged by religious zealots who would rather murder clinic workers than let a woman have the right to her own reproductive choices.

Lately, this war has been waged by an anti-choice fake front group, disguising themselves as a medical nonprofit, and editing together video to smear an organization whose very existence keeps people alive and healthy.

Republicans have been quick to climb on board this train of deception so they can use it to do what they seem to always want to do — destroy a woman’s right to choose and get rid of affordable and accessible health care. Both things that put a damper on the profit margins of insurance companies.

However, to Republicans they are stopping the “selling of baby body parts.” Keep in mind, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) back in 1993 voted to legalize fetal tissue donations. Which, by the way, is what Planned Parenthood actually does — a completely legal process that leads to the scientific discovery of cures for diseases, of which this tissue is absolutely necessary. So, to call McConnell a hypocrite would be an understatement. He’s just a pandering fool, hellbent on destroying women’s healthcare, all for the chance at helping Republicans win in 2016.

When it comes down to it, only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does has to do with actual abortions.

Planned Parenthood actually does more to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies.

Here’s an infographic that shows what defunding Planned Parenthood would ACTUALLY take away.

via Cecile Richards (Facebook)

via Cecile Richards (Facebook)

That also includes over one million pregnancy tests, pregnancy prevention, and educational outreach programs that inform communities, keeping people alive and well.

To put it simply, defunding Planned Parenthood doesn’t prevent abortion. It prevents SAFE abortions. Legislation will never EVER be able to stop abortions from happening. What defunding Planned Parenthood does is take away affordable and accessible health care to communities and women who desperately need it.

Don’t let Republicans take this away. Don’t fall for the deceptive smear tactics used to accomplish their goal of destroying women’s health.


Featured image via Facebook