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Trump Supporter Screams ‘White Power’ At Mostly-White Alabama Rally (VIDEO)

Recently,  we reported that wild-haired Republican superstar, billionaire Donald Trump, has won the hearts of white supremacists across the country. Trump has managed to obtain endorsements from prominent white supremacist blogger Andres Anglin, as well as Council of Conservative Citizens member and white supremacist Kyle Rogers, whom Dylann Roof credited with inspiring his radicalization. Therefore, it is entirely unsurprising that at a mostly-white rally in a mostly-black town in Alabama, Trump’s supporters were glad to scream out “White power!”

Mobile, Alabama, the city in which the Trump rally was held is more than 51% black — but you wouldn’t know that from the crowd of roughly-20,000 mostly-white “patriots” who are eagerly seeking to be rid of brown people in general. But who would really expect African-Americans or Hispanics to show up to a Trump rally? After all, Trump feels that all Mexicans are rapists and, while he says he has a great relationship with “the blacks,” Trump has no problem threatening to beat up Black Lives Matter protesters if they get too uppity at his events. But just look at the sea of diversity:

Trump kicked off his event by telling his white friends in the audience that he was absolutely right that undocumented immigrants are all slavering, ravenous rapists because of a couple isolated incidents in the news.  “Between what happened in San Francisco….The other day in California, last week, a woman, 66 years old a veteran was raped, sodomized, tortured and killed by an illegal immigrant,” Trump said. “We have to do it. We have to do something.”

With Trump’s outlandish claims that Mexicans are criminals, threats against a black civil rights movement, and unapologetically bigoted attitude, it was bound to happen – someone in the audience screamed “White Power” about 7 or 8 times.

Social media was immediately ablaze with commentary on the show of support for Trump.

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Now, some may say that this person was a plant — that he’s not an actual Trump supporter. So, let’s see how some real, live white supremacists feel about him. On “White Power” haven Stormfront, commenters absolutely adore Trump. In a post titled Donald Trump Is Just The Opening Act. Yes, we will live to see a Fourth Reich,” vikaryan boldly states that “Trump is our only hope.”

Trump is attacking the very underpinnings of White genocide which are third world invasion and political correctness,” Antonio Fini replies. “That is why every component of the machine, including the Republican party, wants him gone. Except the people don’t want it, and you can’t silence the people unless they want to be silenced.”

In a subsequent post, Fini explained that Trump is the key to a white supremacist takeover of America:

Imagine Trump tries to close the border and deport. Then the courts block him. Then he orders law enforcement to act anyway under presidential protection. This is an entirely possible scenario.

It’s also possible that just as Blacks saw Obama as a blanket mandate to riot and burn, marginalized White people might get funny ideas too under a Trump presidency. I think you will find White law enforcement and military highly disinclined to do anything as pro White street actions begin re-modelling large sections of our country.

But first he has to win.

“Im not sure if trump will bring in a perfect america, but i think that he will definately improve things. Deporting illegals and enforcing the laws already in place would be a great thing for this country. I also think that the fact he is so opposed by the majority of the political arena is a great sign that he really will do good for this country,” writes Blondeblue. “Anything on top of the illegal immigration thing is just gravy!”

Donald Trump, the current GOP frontrunner has taken white supremacy mainstream — but, as science tells us, conservatism and racism go hand-in-hand, anyway. With Trump, however, the Right doesn’t need to pretend anymore. They can finally be who they truly are — and that’s not OK. Soon, it will only be appropriate to classify Trump supporters as a hate group.

Watch Trump’s very vocal supporter bellow “White power!” below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4_UiUrRcbg&w=640&h=360]

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