Business ‘Genius’ Trump Would’ve Been Richer If He Never Touched His Inheritence Money: Analysis

As far as Donald Trump is concerned, the thing that makes him better than you, me, and especially the other Republican candidates he’s running against, is his business skills. In his mind, he’s a self-made economic genius who has expertly navigated the treacherous waters of free market capitalism and come out on top. His supporters, when not railing against immigrants, frequently point to his success in business as a reason for supporting his presidency. “Now here is a man who could get this country thriving. Just look at what he did for himself,” they reason. There’s just one problem: Trump started off with a massive inheritance from his dad, and a new in-depth analysis of his financial holdings reveal that if he would have just put his money in the stock market and done nothing he would be far more wealthy than he is.

Put simply, the only thing Trump has “done” in his lifetime is lose money by trying to make more.