New Poll Shows Republicans Think Donald Trump Is Honest And Understanding

We all know what Donald Trump is. He’s loud. He’s crass. He’s shallow. He’s clueless. He’s unconscionably thin-skinned, going ruthlessly after everyone who gives him even the slightest bit of a difficult time. He’s a bully. Yet, he’s leading the Republican polls anyway, which says an awful lot about the base to which he caters.

A new poll, which appeared in the Washington Post, says that 53 percent of Republicans see Trump as empathetic, and “understands the problems of people like them.” Overall, 67 percent say that he does not understand those problems. He’s talking a lot about jobs, and the people who like him believe that, in doing things like spending inordinate amounts of money deporting every undocumented immigrant here, and insulting and bullying our trade partners, he’ll bring the well-paying jobs back. Then we’ll prosper, just like him.

What they fail to understand is that “bringing jobs back” is not nearly that simple. It takes changing our entire economic model, which Congressional Republicans are loathe to do. But hey, no worries there, because the bully that is Trump will set them straight on everything!

He’s also sexist and racist, but again, no problem, because the people he’s pandering to are also sexist and racist. His empathy begins and ends with white men, which is why these people think he’s understanding. He understands them, but he doesn’t understand the country.

64 percent of likely Republican voters also believe that Trump is “qualified to serve as president.” Overall, 60 percent say he’s not. These Republicans supposedly hold the “fight tyranny” mentality dear, and yet, they want someone in office who has no idea that only Congress can do things like raise, lower, and change taxes and tariffs. He’d also try to bully Congress into submission when they didn’t do what he wanted them to (like raise certain taxes and tariffs). They want a tyrant, but he just has to be their kind of tyrant.

Fifty-four¬†percent of Republicans also say that Trump has the temperament necessary to be president. In other words, they see Trump as someone who’s no-nonsense, and doesn’t take flak from anyone over anything. We still have that problem with these Republicans not knowing the difference between not taking anyone’s crap, and being a thin-skinned, whiny bully. Trump is the latter, but then, so are they.

Greg Sargent, the author of the story in the Post, says that part of this may reflect the fact that Trump is getting a lot more media time than other GOP candidates. He was a reality star and he’s still playing reality star, instead of a serious candidate. But that’s what these clueless, bottom-of-the-barrel voters want. They want someone who talks like them, and who says the things they’re afraid to say. It’ll be frightening to see what happens if Trump really does somehow win the election.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons