Carly Fiorina Fires Back At Trump’s Misogyny With This Campaign Video…For Democrats (VIDEO)

It’s perfectly understandable that Carly Fiorina would be upset and offended by Donald Trump’s misogynist remarks about her looks. Fiorina is a strong and successful woman, neither of which, contrary to Trump’s archaic beliefs, has anything to do with looks. Women all across America are offended by Trump’s sexism, whether they be Democratic, Republican or without party affiliation. The man is an insufferable pig.

What doesn’t make sense, however, is the way Fiorina decided to fire back. In a new campaign ad, Fiorina uses Trump’s catch phrase for her, “look at that face,” and tries to turn it into a rallying cry for women to vote Republican. While being a Republican may work out just fine for a former CEO like Fiorina, typical American women like the ones shown in her ad would have to be under some kind of magic spell to believe what she’s selling.

She calls the Republican party the “party of women’s suffrage.” Is she referring to the turn of the century Republican party? The party of Lincoln? The party consisting of mostly northern progressives who opposed slavery and fought for the 14th amendment? That party’s ideals are most certainly alive and well today, only today they’re called “Democrats.”

Fiorina mentions the Democratic party by name. She says women aren’t some special interest group and that they’re the majority in this country. She is absolutely right. If only the party she’s pushing for gave a damn about them, she might have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected.

This is the Republican party you’re talking about, Carly. The party that consistently votes down equal pay for women. The party that thinks your health care decisions should be made by your church or your employer. These are the foolish men who believe the majority of rapes are caused by women’s poor choices. They want you to go sit in a bathroom stall to feed your child so your nipple doesn’t offend anyone.

Fiorina’s ad is beautifully done. The women who she showcases should celebrate themselves, they should celebrate each other and most of all they should tell corporate shill Carly Fiorina to go to Hell and vote blue.

Watch Carly Fiorina make the perfect case for women to vote Democratic.

Featured image via video screen capture