Poll Shows Americans Agree With Bernie Sanders On This Major Topic

Bernie Sanders said America was “sick and tired of hearing” about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” and a new poll from Monmouth University shows the Democratic presidential nominee was well within the majority of public opinion.

59% of those who responded told the pollster they were “tired” of hearing about Clinton’s emails, that number jumped to 61% among registered voters. By comparison, only 32% were interested in ongoing media coverage of the so-called controversy. Those in favor of more email scandal coverage were mostly Republican. 55% of Republicans backed email coverage, while only 32% of independents and 14% of Democrats want more.

Most voters – 52% – said that the House Select Committee on Benghazi chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy was “more interested in going after Clinton” than “learning the facts” about the attack. A similar amount, 54%, believe Clinton had the personal email account in order to be convenient, rather than the Republican narrative that she had the account in order to hide her behavior.

Republicans have insisted that Clinton had the email in order to hide information, either about the Benghazi attacks or about other events that occurred while she was Secretary of State.

Sanders’ condemnation of the media’s obsession with Clinton emails was the highlight of the debate, and generated a round of applause at the unity between the two Democrats with the highest level of support. This poll shows Sanders had his finger on the pulse of voters when he made his assessment, as the media has continued to be led around by the nose by conservatives, who pushed and provoked the email story in a gambit to cut Clinton off at the knees.

It hasn’t worked. The question now is: Will they continue pushing on this thread in the vain hopes that it yields success, or will they cook up another conspiracy theory for the media to hype?

Featured image via YouTube