GOP Presidential Candidate Reveals Bizarre Plot To Cut Off Obama’s Food, Pay (VIDEO)

Republicans are so upset at President Obama’s refusal to give in to the right-wing agenda that one presidential candidate is floating a radical idea that would cut off the president’s salary, food expenses, and other essential services.

Appearing on the right-wing satellite network Newsmax, Mike Huckabee complained about a theory that the Obama administration is thinking about possible workarounds for conservative judges blocking executive actions on immigration by suggesting that congressional Republicans should cut off funding to the White House.

 “He’s got a Republican Congress that has never tried to slow him down on his unconstitutional actions. They don’t try to slow down the judicial branch when it goes into judicial overreach and practices what Thomas Jefferson would have called judicial tyranny. They’ve ignored the typical checks and balances that are the constitutional duties of the other branches of government. So I think Obama’s going to just go ahead and do whatever he thinks he can get away with, and up until now he’s gotten away with pretty much anything he wanted to do.

And I hold the Republican Congress responsible and accountable. It’s time for them to step up, and if they have to cut the funding out of the White House and simply not appropriate funds for him to function, they have the power of the purse, they simply need to start exercising it.”

Like many simple sounding conservative proposals, when you look into what Huckabee proposes, it is more complex than it appears. Congress operates the purse strings for the government, but the idea that it would simply sever funds to the Executive Branch are unprecedented in our history.

The funds Huckabee is proposing to cut off include vital functions like the president’s pay, funds to operate and repair the White House, maintaining the vice president’s office, Air Force One, Camp David, the Secret Service, and even screening White House mail.

It was estimated that the cost of this and other upkeep is about $1.5 billion a year, but the devastating effect cutting off those funds would have on a practical level to the President, First Family, and Executive Branch staff pales in comparison to the national and global effect on how we are perceived.

The idea that Congress would effectively declare war on the presidency is ridiculous, but it has become just another talking point in the right’s ongoing temper tantrum over its failure to win the presidency and inability to get Obama to bend to all of its demands.

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