Racist Facebook Rage Descends Upon President Obama As He Debuts His New Page (IMAGES)

President Obama finally got a personal Facebook account. He seems really excited to have another social media avenue with which to connect to the American people. Unfortunately, though, that debut has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Just as with the opening of the POTUS personal twitter account, the President’s Facebook debut has been sullied with disgusting racism and general fuckery from hateful, bigoted right-wingers. Here are just a few of the nasty comments that were left for the president.

First, on the life event of his birth, the sprinkling of birthers that are left arrived with bells on:



The worst of the comments came in on the life event commemorating his second inauguration as the 44th President:



There were even a few haters wh0 found a way to ruin the moment for a woman who was thanking the president for a personal letter:


And this is just a small sampling of what people are writing on that page, which is brand new. I am sure it will continue. These people are despicable. Some of them are so filled with hatred, that I sincerely hope that the Secret Service has their eyes on the really vile ones. Of course, there was plenty of love and pride for President Obama as well. However, it is truly sad that Americans have no respect for the office of the president when it’s a party they disagree with in control.

I’m a staunch Democrat, but I’d never say these things to a sitting president. Did I criticize Bush? Of course I did. But I criticized his policies, not his race or any other defining feature, and I’d certainly never dream of this level of hate.

Stay strong, POTUS. It’s almost over. Welcome to Facebook. Ignore the haters — the sane people know how awesome you are.

Featured image via POTUS Facebook