Bette Midler’s Brutally Honest Tweet About Republican Caitlyn Jenner Is What We’ve All Wanted To Say (TWEET)

Caitlyn Jenner is quite the enigma. Only recently (officially) joining the ranks of not just women but American women. Her very existence is a thorn in the side of the Republican party. She stands for the kind of freedom that the GOP will never get behind; the kind of freedom that their pseudo-Christianity forbids. Having been born a man, but identifying and ultimately transitioning to a woman, every time she walks into a women’s restroom a bigot’s head explodes.

Not only does she have her gender identity working against her with the asshats of the right, she is also very publicly a women’s rights advocate. This goes directly against the interests of the Republican party, a party she claims to still be a part of. So, at this point, nothing about Caitlyn Jenner makes much sense. When she told the LA Times she still planned to vote Republican, she became a puzzle that was definitely missing some pieces.

Bette Midler isn’t known to keep to herself when something is bothering her. She’s attacked just about everyone who deserves to be called out for their stupidity, from Donald Trump and Bobby Jindal to Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande. When this diva doesn’t like you, you’re going to find out about it.

That’s why when Midler sent out a tweet aimed at the mind-boggling political affiliation of Caitlyn Jenner, it wasn’t taken as an attack on a transgender woman, it was taken as an attack on a Republican woman. A Republican woman who, like all other Republican women, vote against their own interests:

Bette Midler said publicly what most liberals haven’t said out of respect for the bravery Jenner has shown in becoming who she really is. However, that new car smell is wearing off, and now it just doesn’t make sense that she would even consider voting Republican.

An article by Elizabeth Preston of If You Only News shows the kinds of things Caitlyn Jenner tweets about. Her schedule is jam-packed with the kind of things liberals get behind, yet she still plans to throw her vote at one of the bigoted GOP candidates, throwing her own interests directly under the bus.

For shame, Caitlyn. It’s time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. The GOP doesn’t love you back.

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