Narcissistic Republican Preacher: Criticizing Me Is Just Like Criticizing God Himself (AUDIO)

The GOP is really scrambling to secure the vote of religious bigots. Included in these efforts is, of course, courting the most extreme right-wing preachers they can find. One such preacher is Kevin Swanson, who hosted a frighteningly homophobic conference, Freedom 2015: National Religious Liberties Conference. His hate-mongering conference was attended by the likes of Ted Cruz and other GOP Clown Car 2016 candidates.

To be clear, Swanson is a very scary man. He sincerely believes that gay people who do not repent of the “sin” of homosexuality should be slaughtered. Unsurprisingly, these remarks, and the fact that GOP presidential candidates are attending Swanson’s events and falling in line with his views has rightly caused much controversy. Swanson, however, remains undaunted, and has not only doubled down on his insane beliefs, but has even suggested that criticism of them means that one is criticizing the Almighty himself:

“Any time the nation has taken up a fight with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Creator of the universe, you don’t pick a fight with the Creator of all of the galaxies, all of the planets, this entire solar system, you don’t pull together a couple of ants and lift a fist to the Almighty and think you can get away with it. This is, I think, the reason why the media firestorm — we have touched the conscience of a nation and they realize they’re in trouble, they’re in trouble with the God of the universe.”

This is beyond the pale, truly. There are no words for the fact that candidates for the highest office in the land are actually attending events and aligning themselves with a man who wants to actually follow barbaric biblical law and kill people for their sexual orientation. Attending such hateful events should automatically disqualify one from seeking ANY public office, much less that of the presidency.

These people are looking for blood and genocide — all based upon religious beliefs. We’ve been here before. Goodness knows, we can’t allow the likes of Kevin Swanson and his GOP supporters to take us back.

Listen to the audio of these frightening remarks below:

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Featured image via video screen capture from Right Wing Watch