Saudi Arabia Pledges To Sue Anyone Who Compares Them To ISIS On Twitter

Saudi Arabia just promised to sue anyone who compares their justice system to that of ISIS. This comes after Saudi Arabia faced a major backlash on social media following the decision to sentence 35-year-old poet, Ashraf Fayadh, to death for allegedly making blasphemous remarks during a discussion of his book in a cafe in August, 2013. Saudi Arabia is also scheduled to begin beheading 50 people on Friday, for terrorism charges. According to Saudi Arabia, anyone who is guilty of being an atheist is a terrorist. So far this year, Saudi Arabia has executed 152 people. Most of these executions have been by beheading, and have been done in public.

Fayadh, a Palestinian man who denies the allegations, will receive 800 lashings, a punishment that will surely kill him. His name will be added to their incredibly long list of people that they have killed due to alleged violation of blasphemy laws and their atrocious record on other human rights violations. The state of affairs in Saudi Arabia has led people to compare the oil kingdom to the Islamic State.

According to Al-Riyadh, a pro-government Saudi newspaper, that, “The justice ministry will sue the person who described … the sentencing of a man to death for apostasy as being `Isis-like’.”

The newspaper’s source also told them, “Questioning the fairness of the courts is to question the justice of the Kingdom and its judicial system based on Islamic law, which guarantees rights and ensures human dignity”

A look at #SaudiArabia on Twitter quickly reveals why the totalitarian government is desperate to stamp out comparisons between their justice system and the Islamic State.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Kamel Daoud wrote,”Daesh [ISIS] has a mother: the invasion of Iraq. But it also has a father: Saudi Arabia and its religious-industrial complex.”

Saudi Arabia is what a “successful” Islamic State looks like. The nation is ruled with a cruel iron fist, or perhaps in this case an iron sword. By going after those who criticize and compare their government to the Islamic State, they have legitimized the need for the two to be compared. The cat is out of the bag, and their efforts to stamp out resistance and prevent the spread of non-state approved information is ultimately in vain. They are raising a sword up to those who hold a pen, and we all know who ultimately holds the mightier weapon.

Featured Image Credit: By Tina Hager [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons with tweet added.