CNN’s Trump Superfan Was A Dangerous Birther, Married To Bundy Militia Man (VIDEO)

CNN assembled a group of Trump supporters for a focus group to discuss why exactly they back the reality TV star and current Republican presidential front runner.

Among that group was Susan (Sue) DeLemus, identified on-air as a “Trump Supporter.” She complained to CNN that President Obama “lies to me,” and “lies to me all the time,” adding, “I believe Donald.”

She told CNN she’s “never been involved” in politics and “never had an interest” in any of it. But that’s a lie.

But there’s more to the story than that. It turns out that Susan DeLemus is a state legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. She represents the Strafford 11 district (you can see her campaign Facebook page here).

DeLemus was also a conservative activist involved in Glenn Beck’s “9-12 Project” in a New Hampshire cell of the movement with her husband that contemplated forming a “militia” to “protect the general population from despotism or tyranny.”

In 2011, DeLemus and one of her colleagues, state Rep. Harry Accornero, created havoc in the state capitol. They were attempting to remove President Obama’s name from the presidential ballot because they are both birthers who believe the President was not born in the United States.

The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission ignored them and went ahead with placing Obama’s name on the ballot, and DeLemus freaked out.

According to a memorandum from Assistant Attorney General Matt Mavrogeorge, who represented the Secretary of State’s Office in the hearing, Reps. Henry Accornero, R-Laconia, and Susan DeLemus, R-Rochester, were yelling in his face and demanding answers.

He said he feared for his safety and that of Assistant Secretary of State Karen Ladd and went into an office where the doors could be locked.

Once in the room, they called capitol security and the attorney general office for assistance.

Here is the video of DeLemus’ meltdown:

After that display failed to remove Obama from the ballot, DeLemus publicly endorsed Rick Santorum for President.


DeLemus isn’t the only one in her family with bizarre hobbies. Her husband, Jerry DeLemus, claims to be a Marine veteran and traveled to Nevada in order to support rogue rancher Cliven Bundy in his standoff with the federal government.

Speaking to a fellow right-wing activist, Jerry DeLemus said that an armed confrontation with the government was a possibility and that he may not make it home.

He was also a featured speaker at a 2013 gun rally where he shared with attendees his belief in using guns to “defend the republic from tyranny.”

Jerry DeLemus also spoke to a local newspaper about his plans to put on an anti-Muslim “draw Muhammad” art contest in order to “defend our way of life in this country, our constitutional rights, for everybody.”

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