Rachel Maddow Rips Michigan Governor Rick Snyder A New One For Letting Kids Get Poisoned (VIDEO)

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder should be ashamed of himself and he should resign in disgrace.

A manmade environmental disaster is playing out in Flint, Michigan as the water supply for the entire town is poisoned with lead and other pollutants.

The Flint River had been abandoned as a water supply since 1964 after industrial pollution made the water unsafe for consumption. The city has used Lake Huron as their water source ever since, but an “emergency manager” appointed by Republican Governor Rick Snyder chose to switch the city water source back to the river in 2014 to save money even though it’s been public knowledge for 50 years that the river water has been contaminated.

Almost immediately after the switch, residents began reporting the water coming out of taps as cloudy, odorous, and yellow. Soon, people also began reporting rashes and hair falling out. As reports continued to roll in, authorities denied that there were any issues with the water and insisted that it was perfectly safe to drink. Governor Snyder himself has even tried to spin the disaster.

“Let’s get the facts, let’s keep working this and let’s remember, water isn’t the only source of lead,” he said on Detroit Public Television in an apparent effort to shift the blame away from the river water everyone knew was unsafe to drink. Experts from Virginia Tech even issued a damning report on the toxicity of the river that authorities ignored.

It would take more than a year before the city switched back to Lake Huron, but by that time the damage had already been done and it is expected that children will grow up with ADHD and develop mental problems as they get older while cancer cases among adults will increase.

Governor Snyder and his minions willfully put the health and lives of tens of thousands of people at risk in the name of saving money. And now, not only are people calling for the resignation and prosecution of Snyder and other officials for letting this tragedy happen, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow shamed Snyder during her show on Friday.

Aiming her remarks directly at Governor Snyder, Maddow ripped the conservative Republican for the “actions and inactions” that resulted in the poisoning.

“The kids of Flint, Michigan have been poisoned by a policy decision, all at once. The town has been poisoned under your watch, governor, through the actions and inactions of people who report to you and the people who you appointed.”

Maddow pointed out that it was the emergency manager appointed by Snyder who made the decision to switch to the river as well as approving the sale of a pipeline that could have served as an “escape hatch” to deal with the poisoned water.

Maddow slammed Snyder for trying to blame the poisoning on a long-term infrastructure breakdown even though the city switched to Lake Huron precisely because the Flint River was no long safe. Snyder and his henchmen surely knew the history of the river and why the city of Flint wasn’t using it as a water source. But they didn’t give a damn if it meant saving a few dollars.

“Now we’re getting in the first results of what they have done,” Maddow said. “I did not expect those would have to be blood test results from kids, but that’s what they are. That’s what Rick Snyder did.”

Here’s the video via MSNBC.

The city’s elected officials would never have made such a disastrous decision because they would have had to answer to the voters. The emergency manager appointed by Snyder, however, does not have to answer to voters or worry about being kicked out of office. These emergency managers rule by fiat and can basically do what they want without having to face any consequences whatsoever. They can literally poison people and still keep their jobs. The people of Michigan can end this madness, of course. All they have to do is fire Rick Snyder and every Republican lawmaker in the statehouse. That’s the only way the people will ever get their democracy back. Or they can just sit at home on election day and let more disasters like the one in Flint come to their own towns.

Featured image via video screen capture