Carrie Fisher PULVERIZES Body Shamers Bashing Her, And It’s Pretty Damn Awesome (TWEETS)

It may be little known to some, but it is in fact true that women get older, even beloved movie stars who many would like to freeze in time in the roles they’re most remembered by. In the case of actress Carrie Fisher, that role is as the legendary Princess, or rather, General Leia from Star Wars.

For her reprisal of the role, Fisher had to lose weight, but she hardly cares what people think of her. In fact, she tweeted this out a few days ago:

Perfectly acceptable and to be expected from the badass illustrious actress.

However, some people still didn’t like the fact that Fisher has gotten older:

Wow, that’s a pretty powerful response, and in ALL CAPS, mind you. He’s clearly very upset. It’d be interesting to know how these same people felt about Harrison Ford aging.

Then there were just your typical, know-it-all Twitter douchebags:

However, in typical Carrie Fisher fashion, not giving a sh*t about what these cretins think, she responds ever so eloquently to those who thought it wise to bash her directly:

Then, in her own ALL CAPS response to these trolls:

And even better, she then retweets this:

If you didn’t appreciate the brash and clever audacity of Carrie Fisher before, you most certainly will now.

It’s unfortunately all too easy to criticize people from behind a computer screen or mobile device. It gives people, who under ordinary circumstances wouldn’t be bullies, the platform to be as awful as they want to be. However, there will always be the Carrie Fisher’s of the world offering their middle finger in a full salute right back at them.

Good on her for being brutally honest. Looks may fade, but character, wit, intelligence and badassery surely remain. If these Star Wars fans wanted to not be disappointed in an aging character, might I suggest a droid, but even they may rust over time.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons