Carly Fiorina LOSES IT After The ‘Baby Parts’ People Are Indicted Instead Of Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

You have to admire conservatives’ ability to commit to the lie. After David Daledin and Sandra Merritt, the slimy, lying taint-barnacles who produced the fraudulent, heavily-edited Planned Parenthood “baby parts” videos that took the conservative world by storm, were indicted on multiple felony charges — a surprising event that took place during the course of an investigation into Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast ordered by Texas Governor Greg Abbott — one would expect conservatives to turn their anger toward those who lied to them. Unfortunately, these are people who still think Hillary Clinton was responsible for Benghazi.

The indictments against the perpetrators of these agregious lies, ones that inspired Robert Dear to engage in an act of terrorism against a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado, were enough to throw 2016 hopeful Carly Fiorina into a fit of delusional panic and rage.

On Monday, Fiorina joined conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt to share her outrage — not against the people whose lies caused her to spout off crazy talk about ‘baby parts” for months, but against anyone remotely interested in the truth. Asked for her reaction, Fiorina explained that she is furious that Planned Parenthood’s “trafficking in baby body parts” did not lead to prosecution:

“Yes, well, this is why it’s a fight for the character of our nation. We know for a fact that because of Planned Parenthood’s own announcement that they would no longer accept payments for what they call “fetal tissue,” and they were in fact trafficking in baby body parts. So guess what? I’m not going to sit down and be quiet as I said at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday before the snowstorm descended. I will not sit down and be quiet, I know the value of life, we know what’s going on, and I will continue to stand for the character of this nation.”

“From what I read, somehow the charge is that they falsified government identities because that’s true obviously, that’s not good, but I only know what I read at this point, but I think it’s pretty clear that we now know what goes on in Planned Parenthood clinics,” Fiorina told Hewitt, explaining that the indictments for “Tampering with a Governmental Record” and “Prohibition of the Purchase and Sale of Human Organs” –very serious charges — were an outrage because despite all this, she considers the heavily-edited videos to be legitimate:

“Here’s what I know: Planned Parenthood has been trafficking in body parts. Planned Parenthood has been altering late-term abortion techniques to this specific purpose of harvesting body parts. In President Fiorina budget, there will not be a single dime for Planned Parenthood.”

Fiorina isn’t the only GOP candidate who is immune to reality. Marco Rubio told CNN that he is “disturbed” because Planned Parenthood, “who are the ones that were actually selling off these (body) parts were found having done nothing wrong, the people who tried to expose them are the ones that are now facing criminal charges.”

It’s interesting what happens when people focus on the facts, isn’t it?

Mike Huckabee called Monday a “sick day in America” because “those who expose evil w/ a cellphone” are being punished for their criminal actions, but Planned Parenthood was found to have done nothing criminal. Ben Carson’s campaign promised retribution against Planned Parenthood, which has been cleared in every single politically-motivated investigation against them to date. Carson’s Communication Director told CNN:

“He is equally shocked that they instead decided to indict the individuals that exposed Planned Parenthood’s heinous and illegal activities. As President, he will use the full weight of his office to not only cut off all federal funding for this organization, but also prosecute them for crimes against the unborn.”

Unfortunately, conservatives simply don’t care about the truth — and the truth is that the only criminals are the ones who made the fake videos that prompted the Stupid Part of America to lose their sh*t.

Listen to Carly Fiorina lose her mind below:


Featured image via YouTube