Saudi Prince Epically Burns Donald Trump: Remember Those Two Times I Bailed You Out Financially?

Donald Trump only has himself to blame for this one.

Rather than watch what he says on Twitter, the billionaire Republican presidential candidate retweeted an obviously photoshopped image of Megyn Kelly posing with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who owns a stake in Fox News, and his sister.

Trump has been acting like a petulant child ever since he learned Fox News would be including Megyn Kelly as a debate moderator once again, even though he didn’t like her tough questions in a debate last year that touched off a bitter feud between the two.

But Trump apparently never learned to not bite the hand that feeds him, because his tweet came back to bite him on the ass on Thursday prior to his rogue event running at the same time as the GOP Debate he declined to attend.

In an epic response to Trump’s tweet, Prince Alwaleed fired back with a revealing tweet of his own reminding Trump of those two times back in the 1990s when Trump needed a financial bailout and Alwaleed came to his rescue.

According to Buzzfeed, when Trump was $900 million in debt in 1991, it was Prince Alwaleed who purchased The Donald’s Trump Princess yacht for $40 million.

In 1995, Alwaleed would save Trump’s ass again by purchasing New York City’s Plaza Hotel from him for a whopping $325 million.

In short, Donald Trump is an irresponsible businessman who has incurred massive debts and declared bankruptcy on multiple occasions. His decisions have been so bad that he needed to be bailed out by a Saudi national and you have to wonder how Trump would deal with America’s debt. The last thing Americans need is to watch as their president sells the country off piece by piece to solve a debt that was created by Republican fiscal policies in the first place. And frankly, it’s not hard to imagine that Trump would at least consider that option.

Prince Alwaleed has previously called upon Trump to withdraw from the presidential race, and now he has given us even more reason to demand it as well.

Featured Image: YouTube