WATCH The Weird Ad George W. Bush Made For His Little Brother Jeb

The people supporting Jeb Bush’s quest for the presidency have invested millions in a candidate who has so far failed to inspire support from Republican voters, and has in fact continued to collapse in poll after poll resulting in a 6th place finish in the Iowa caucus with a measly 2.8% of the vote – behind Ben Carson and Rand Paul, who has now dropped out of the race.

But when you’ve wasted that much money, there’s probably a temptation to salvage something, anything. So the geniuses at Right to Rise, the super PAC that Bush himself raised funds for and directed right-wing millionaires to pour their funds into, has released a new ad featuring the most infamous Bush ever: George W. Bush.

In the ad, Bush touts his younger brother. And that’s where the ad gets extremely bizarre. George, who lost more Americans to terrorism than any other president in American history, describes Jeb as the right person to “protect America.”

After touting Jeb’s “heart” and “strong backbone,” he says Jeb will “unite our country.” Of course, during his presidency George W. Bush pioneered new techniques in dividing the country, particularly on the topic of a war of choice in Iraq he used as a political weapon – describing those opposed to the war as allies of terrorists, and directing his underlings like Karl Rove to insinuate that Democrats were soft on terrorism – despite his administration’s failure to kill or capture Osama bin Laden.

The elder Bush also claims that his brother “knows how to bring the world together” against terrorism – but what sort of standing does Bush have on that type of diplomacy? He failed to unite the world in support of invading Iraq, and in the wake of that failure chose to commit Americans to a war that would eventually kill 4,491 members of the U.S. armed services and thousands more Iraqis.

George W. Bush even reminds people about how his administration crossed the moral threshold and utilized torture, claiming that Jeb Bush knows when “tough measures” must be taken. That kind of talk might help among Republicans, but it also reminds people of the abdication of moral leadership that happened on Bush’s watch.

It is highly unlikely that Jeb Bush will become the Republican Party’s nominee. He has been exposed as a poor campaigner who let a playground bully like Donald Trump pull his pants down in front of the entire world without ever really fighting back.

And now his big brother has come barreling into the election after sitting on the sidelines since his failed presidency, reminding everyone – left and right – just why it is the country moved on from the Bush clan.

Featured image via YouTube