Cruz Leaves Closet Disappointed After Secret Meeting With Carson

It gets creepier and creepier with Ted Cruz. This time, he took Ben Carson, who’s not exactly the model presidential candidate either, along for the ride as the two held a secret meeting in — yes — a storage closet.

The strange meeting was called for by Ted Cruz ahead of the Conservative Review convention Thursday  in order to mend fences with Carson and improve his image ahead of the South Carolina primary. The two cuddled in the closet for more than 20 minutes as Secret Service agents stood outside.

Carson has spent weeks attacking Cruz for spreading false rumors that Carson had dropped out of the presidential race during the Iowa Caucuses. Cruz won Iowa but not before unleashing a storm over his questionable antics, which have not only eroded his already creepy reputation but have seen him dip in polls after a strong Iowa showing.

Carson’s campaign confirmed that Carson had agreed to meet Cruz but blamed the leak about the meeting on Cruz and his campaign. They accused the Cruz campaign of leaking the meeting in order to give the impression there were no longer any hard feelings between the two candidates. Should Carson be surprised at Cruz’s sleaziness at this point?

The meeting, which took place in a storage closet next to a bathroom ended with Carson saying,”we agree to disagree. We disagree on accountability and culpability.”

In a sign that the meeting was leaked before it actually happened, reporters were already calling the Carson campaign as the two met.  It lasted for more than the five minutes Carson originally agreed to and Carson’s people had to knock on the door to get him out because he was about to speak. According to a Republican operative, the meeting did not go like Cruz had planned:

“There was a political play there and it didn’t work for them. The meeting didn’t go as well as Cruz wanted it to go. Carson had a smile on his face and was looking right at him.”

There’s no doubt that Cruz’s lies are catching up to him, and it’s only a matter of time before he’ll drop out of the race and his run will be in the dustbin of history.


Featured image from Wikimedia Commons