Hillary Clinton Retweets Bernie Sanders, And For A Good Reason (IMAGE)

Over the course of this latest presidential campaign there has been a lot said about both sides by both sides of the Democratic primary. Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are formidable candidates and stand heads above any Republican candidate running. Supporters on both sides are very passionate about their candidate, and for the most part, when it comes down to it, agree on what needs to be done, just differing on how to go about implementing those changes.

In another great example of both sides agreeing on something very important, Bernie Sanders tweeted out, “America’s first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the KKK.” A statement that is absolutely true, and retweeting in agreement was none other than Hillary Clinton herself.


via Twitter

Sanders is exactly right. We CANNOT have a candidate like Donald Trump, who retweets Mussolini quotes, and doesn’t condemn the KKK, anywhere near the Oval Office. It’s not only a horrible prospect, but outright terrifying. It would set the progress made by the U.S. back over half a century.

Clinton is right to back up this statement, because this is something, no matter which candidate you support, you should be able to easily and fervently agree with. It’s good to see the candidates standing with one another on this subject, because it is so utterly important. Either candidate would be a great president, and we need to remember to vote blue in November to keep Trump out of the White House.

Featured image: Instagram/Instagram/Twitter