The Daily Show PERFECTLY Demonstrates That Trump Is A Fascist (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah brilliantly unmasked Donald Trump as a fascist, and everyone needs to see it.

On Monday night, the Daily Show host began by talking about Hillary Clinton trouncing Bernie Sanders in South Carolina over the weekend and briefly mentioned that Super Tuesday is upon us.

But for all of those who are tired of democracy, Noah introduced fascism as an alternative.

Noah explained to the audience that he has heard the word his entire life but he “didn’t really know what it was,” so he looked it up and discovered some of the traits of fascism including “a cult of action, celebrating aggressive masculinity, fear of outsiders, intense nationalism, intolerance of criticism, and resentment of national humiliation.”

As it turns out, Donald Trump embodies all of these and all we have to do is listen to him talk to know that it’s true.

Noah then played various clips of Trump demonstrating each of these traits one by one. Afterwards, Noah let out a nervous laugh as the audience seemed to be in complete disbelief about what they just heard and witnessed. An actual American presidential candidate really did just spout stuff out of the fascist playbook before their eyes.

“I’m shitting myself,” Noah said. “It all lines up so perfectly, doesn’t it? It almost stops being funny as you’re watching it.”

“It’s funny for me because I have a back-up plan country,” Noah quipped before telling the audience that they can rest easy because they are invited to live in South Africa if Trump does become president.

Noah also pointed out that Trump retweeted a quote said by fascist Italian Dictator Benito Mussolini, which you can view below.

At first, Noah conceded that perhaps Trump didn’t know that it was a Mussolini quote, but it soon became clear that Trump knows exactly who Mussolini is and proceeded to stand by the tweet during an interview with Chuck Todd on NBC. Trump even awkwardly paused after being asked if he wants to be associated with a fascist.

Noah also noted that another trait of fascism includes a deep hatred of journalists, and then he played a clip of Trump vowing to make it possible to sue the media over negative stories about candidates, which Noah pointed out would mean he could be sued for informing everyone that “Donald Trump wants to bang his daughter.”

And then it was time to mention Trump’s endorsement by KKK leader David Duke. After playing footage from Trump’s interview with Jake Tapper on CNN in which he claimed to “not know anything about” Duke, Noah and the Daily Show team dug up a clip from 16 years ago of Trump calling Duke a bigot and racist that people don’t want in their party.

“The irony is I think there’s a lot of Republicans saying that now, too,” Noah concluded.

Here’s the video via Comedy Central.

This was a brilliant segment by Noah and the Daily Show team, but they did miss a few traits. Fascists also disrespect women, and we all know Donald Trump has done that repeated during this campaign. Furthermore, fascists are obsessed with Christianity and corporate power. And Donald Trump isn’t exactly the only Republican who flirts openly with fascism. It’s basically part of the GOP’s DNA at this point.

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