Watch White Trump Thugs Manhandle Black Protesters As Candidate Drones On (VIDEO)

Video released from a Donald Trump rally in New Orleans, Louisiana, shows white supporters of Donald Trump shoving and manhandling black protesters. Another video clip shows Trump fans ripping a sign out of the hands of a protester.

The video was captured and posted online by photographer and journalist Amy K. Nelson.

The first video shows a man with a sign referring to Trump’s recent refusal to condemn the Ku Klux Klan during an interview with CNN. The sign gets pulled out of his hands and as Nelson writes, “protester w KKK trump sign got it ripped away and then small fight ensued.”

The second video, as Nelson describes it, shows “white civilian men violently ejecting” black lives matter protesters at the Trump rally, “then hi-5-ing after.”

CNN reporter Jeremy Diamond also released video of protesters being ejected from Trump’s event.

In the background audio of the video, Trump can be heard on stage, going through the motions of his campaign stump act, as his supporters yell “all lives matter” and engage with the protesters. You can hear one protester tell a Trump fan to take his hands off of one of the women.

It has been days since Trump has had a rally without some sort of clash between Trump supporters and protesters. In a recent stop in Georgia, the Trump campaign had a group of black students removed on a formerly segregated college campus.

Trump’s campaign events now begin with warnings to the crowd to not hurt protesters, though Trump recently signaled to his followers that he would pay for the defense of supporters involved physically with detractors.

On top of these incidents, a white nationalist radio show was recently given press passes to broadcast from the floor of a Trump rally. And Trump’s son, Donald Jr., recently taped an interview with a white nationalist radio host where the two commiserated over the perceived problem of “political correctness.”

Featured image via Twitter