Ted Cruz Gets Booed At CPAC With Many Walking Out, And It’s Pretty Damn Funny (VIDEO)

Try as he might to appeal to a broad base of conservatives across the country, Ted Cruz is just remarkably unappealing. He uses a booming preacher type approach to his speeches that are reminiscent of televangelists selling miracle water at 3am or a megapreacher asking for donations so they can purchase another jet. His overwhelming smarmy nature may appeal to some who find comfort in being swindled, but to most, he is reprehensible.

Trying to win over the crowd at the 2016 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Cruz takes to bashing Trump, because why not, right? However, even though Trump decided to ditch out on the conference himself, many of his supporters were still in attendance. And as we all know, as bad and awful as Trump is, many of his most fervent supporters are even worse. So, when Cruz started in on Trump, many booed, got up, and walked out as the Texas junior senator was still speaking.

Hears video from CSPAN via Crooks and Liars:

Fox News had a wider shot of the event. Here, you can actually seeing people getting up and walking out.



Both Cruz and Trump are despicable. They’re both terrible choices for Commander-in-Chief. One wants to turn the nation into a giant megachurch, the other wants to turn the nation into a modern-day Nazi Germany. The infighting within the Republican party is going to tear the GOP apart. They are leaving this election wide open for a Democratic win, so no matter who, vote blue, and in the mean time, if you’re a liberal, this is likely you watching the GOP right now:


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