Trump Supporters Form Militia To Beat Up Protesters At Rallies Just Like Hitler’s Brownshirts (IMAGE)

Sounds like they should call themselves the Brownshirts, because that’s what this group basically is.

At Donald Trump rallies across the nation, his supporters have committed violence against protesters with little or no restraint — or consequences for that matter.

One rally in North Carolina last week alone saw two black men get physically assaulted by racist white guys who clearly didn’t care if they were being filmed or not, but they attacked their victims anyway despite not being provoked to do so. They didn’t do it in self defense, but out of hatred and entitlement.

Rallies in St. Louis and Chicago have nearly sparked race wars between white racists and protesters, and Trump has even led his supporters in a pledge that included the Nazi salute.

Trump claims that his rallies are not violent and that no one has ever been injured at one of his events.

So, it really comes as no surprise at all that a group of Trump supporters are actually forming a militia to beat up protesters who they claim are “Far-left agitators” and the real culprits committing violent acts.

A group on Twitter called “Lion’s Guard,” described themselves as “An informal civilian organization dedicated to protecting the safety and security of innocent, peaceful Trump supporters from violent Far-Left agitators.”

The group then tweeted out an invitation to other Trump supporters who would like to “forcefully protect” rallies and referred to themselves as the real victims of beatings and violence.

“Do you want to provide security protection to innocent people who are subject to harassment and assault by Far-left agitators? If so, you are welcome to join. That’s the mission — to protect innocents who can’t hire their own security guards. We are unarmed but willing to forcefully protect people if need be. We are *defensive*, *protective* of innocents who are being beaten and harassed for their political views.”

And then the page was taken down after the page owner received a threat, but they promised to create a website to coordinate actions the group takes.

Here’s a screenshot of the Twitter page via RT.

Image via RT

Image via RT

Again, this group sounds like wannabe members of the Brownshirts who served Adolf Hitler during his rise to power in Germany, whose primary purpose was to provide protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies from those they deemed socialists and communists. At one such assembly in November 1919, Hitler’s Brownshirt friends ejected hecklers by force by throwing them down the stairs. At another meeting in February 1920, dissenters who tried to shout Hitler down were violently removed. And in November 1921, a melee broke out when the Brownshirts attacked protesters during a Hitler speech.

This is same kind of violence that is already occurring at Trump rallies across the country and now a group of his supporters are taking it a step further by creating a group dedicated to “forcefully” taking down protesters if a Trump supporter merely feels threatened.

Trump has already been repeatedly labeled a fascist this month, and this new group only makes that label stick.


Featured image via Imgur