Donald ‘War Criminal’ Rumsfeld Takes A Moment To Remind Us He’s Close To Death (TWEET)

There are some people in life that, if they are wise, will just keep their mouths shut and their voices out of public reach. Donald Rumsfeld is one of those people. Yet, he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut on Twitter and likes to continue to remind us of what a horrific human being he is, and should likely really belong in prison.

On Monday, Rumsfeld decided to tweet out in regards to tax day:

Aww, how terrible for him that a regressive method of taxation will never come to fruition during his lifetime. He apparently isn’t done screwing over the American people, and would prefer the wealthy to pay less and the poor to pay more. What a peach.

We already knew this guy is a douchebag, though. He’s one of the evil assholes who lied to get us into a war with Iraq. A war that has subsequently killed thousands of American soldiers, wounded thousands more, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, and gave rise to ISIS (but really, who’s keeping track). He knew we didn’t have enough intelligence to back claims that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet, he as the Secretary of Defense under former President George W. Bush, continued to lead the drumbeat towards war.

So Rumsfeld, we as pissed off American citizens think your tweet should have probably read “At 83, I am close to losing hope that I will be tried as the war criminal that I am.” And if you go to Twitter and read the replies to his tweet, it seems many, many people agree with that sentiment. Probably not wise for a man who’s actions lead to so many deaths to tweet he’s close to death himself. Likely not gonna be received too well.

He truly is a person who should keep his mouth shut, because if he had kept it shut in the first place, so much worldwide would be different to this day.

Featured Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images