‘March 4 Trump’ Gets HILARIOUSLY Bad Turnout, Demonstrating Trump’s Lack Of Public Support (IMAGES)

One would think that conservatives would have figured out by now that they can’t get people to turn out for their marches and protests. That seems to be especially true with Trump in office. So many more people are against him than for him, yet these delusional Trumpkins still think they’re some kind of majority in this country.

Witness their enthusiasm for today’s March 4 Trump. It was supposed to be a counter to the Women’s March on Washington that happened all over the world the day after Trump’s inauguration. The Women’s March drew well more than two million people just in the U.S. The March 4 Trump must have been overwhelming then, given all that support Trump and his loyal subjects think they have.

And overwhelming these marches were, in their own way – the lack of support they showed for Trump is actually what was overwhelming. Most of these protests drew dozens, rather than the thousands they seemed to think they were going to get. For instance, in Orlando, roughly 200 people showed up, compared to the 5,000 that showed up in January for the Women’s March.

Denver had just dozens, where 145,000 had marched in January. In our nation’s capital, Trumpers were hoping that they could draw more than half a million, which would rival the Women’s March there. They drew a few thousand at best, despite Trump’s claim that marches for him would be the biggest marches of all:

Here’s the march at Trump Tower in New York City:

Crowds were just as pathetic elsewhere, too:

This is embarrassing for them. Trump supporters keep trying to tell the resistance to “get over it,” and “give up,” and ultimately call us treasonous for daring to oppose a dangerous orange despot in the White House. If they truly had the love and support they think, their protests would blow anti-Trump protests out of the water every time. Doesn’t look like we’re the ones who need to get over anything.

Featured image via screen capture